Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Rare Day At Home With My Favorite Little People

My daycare provider needed to take a personal day the other day, so I got a rare chance to stay home with my kids during the week. Instead of trying to get everything done like I normally do on the weekends, I tried to focus on having a good time with them. I have some minor surgery scheduled soon that will keep me a little out of the game for at least a week, so I also had that incentive to log some quality time with them while I could.

As you might expect, managing the needs of a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old all day is a challenge. Here's a rundown:

My original plan: Do our usual morning breakfast routine and instead of piling in the car to go to the babysitter's at 8, put Gir in the stroller and walk to the park.

What actually happened: Around 9, Zim still wasn't done with breakfast and freaked out when I told him it was time to get his shoes on and go to the park, despite the fact that, up until that point, he was begging me to take him to the park. When I finally did get him outside, he still didn't want to go to the park, he wanted to ride his new tricycle that he doesn't really understand how to peddle and steer simultaneously. He unsuccessfully tried to convince me that he'd be able to ride it to the park. On the way there, he tried to go a different (much longer) way. He couldn't understand why we had to go to the park. Couldn't we just go on a walk? Who wants slides anyway?

My original plan: At the park, I assumed Zim would amuse himself on the slides most of the time and maybe join me and his sister on the swings for a little bit, but then get scared and go back to the slides. No matter what, an epic meltdown would happen when I told him it was time to go.

What actually happened: Zim spent most of his time in the sand. Gir wanted me to help her walk all over the park. The epic meltdown was stopped in it's tracks by the big water bottle I brought for he and I to drink out of. Every 5 feet only the path out of the park he asked me for more water.

My original plan: After returning from the park, Gir would be ready for her nap. Zim and I could cuddle on the couch and watch a movie, probably Thomas-related. After that, a snack.

What actually happened: Both children demanded snacks immediately (I probably should have seen this coming). Gir could not understand why she should be sleeping, but was out quickly. Zim wanted to cuddle, but wanted to use my tablet, not the "big TV", so I fell asleep for an unprecedented 2 hours.

My original plan: Lunch at noon. Nap at 1.

What actually happened: Lunch at 1:30. Naps at 2:30. During naptime I wanted to make them Rice Krispy treats to make up for burning their grilled cheese sandwiches at lunch, but Zim kept  leaving his room. I told him I was trying to make a surprise for him and so he had to stay in his room or it would ruin the surprise. 3-year-olds really don't understand how surprises work.

My original plan: After naps and afternoon snacks, let Zim play with his tricycle on the driveway.

What actually happened: The tricycle had been forgotten and all he wanted was his water table set up in the front yard. I needed to water flowers anyway and discovered that as I filled the water table, Zim scooped up water with a cup and poured it on my flowers for me.