Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Young Dumb Toddlers

Ugh, mommy guilt has been striking hard lately.

Our new daycare person is a little tightly wound and sometimes a little too rules focused, so her suggestions and instructions to me often come off unintentionally judgmental. I know she doesn't really mean it that way. When we actually have time to talk, we're fine, but in the rush that generally accompanies drop off and pick off, things come off a little sharp.

Then this weekend in two hours Gir managed to hurt herself twice because I was distracted by Zim's epic 3-year-old meltdowns. The first time she fell half way down the steps before I caught her. The second time, she slipped in the bathtub and got a bloody nose.

... Or maybe this is just proof that even though she's not really walking much yet, Gir is definitely a dumb young toddler, drunk on the power of being newly upright. She may be super cautious about walking, but she's not cautious about where she chooses to stand and wiggle.

It reminds me of the month when Zim had a perpetual bruise in the middle of his forehead because he kept running into things because he was so excited he could run, but didn't know enough to look at what he was running toward.

Maybe it's good she isn't walking yet. Now I just have to watch her on unstable surfaces. All to soon she'll be moving and making poor choices.