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My children got their nicknames from the cartoon Invader Zim. When I was in the early stages of my pregnancy with little Zim, I was whining to my husband about how awful I felt and he seemed confused and asked how I could feel so bad when I didn't even look pregnant. Instead of biting his head off on the spot (which would have been totally justified in my hormone-fueled state), I explained that it felt like there was an alien invading my body and taking it over.

"Like Invader Zim?" he dumbly asked.

"Yes, exactly like Invader Zim," I sarcastically responded with the biggest side-eye ever.

And so a nickname was born. We didn't find out the gender of either child before they were born, so cartoon characters seemed like the perfect place to harvest nicknames, Since Gir was Zim's constant companion, we thought, what better nickname for our second child.


Zim is a four-year-old boy, obsessed with all vehicles, most recently, motorcycles, but his first love was and still is trains. Generally he's an enthusiastically happy, loving boy, but four is hitting him hard, with an intense fear of growing up causing him to lash out and beg me to hold him, often at the same time. He is whirl of activity who hates naps and bedtime.


Gir is a two-year-old girl, who's recently decided that she's a princess. She's also the thinker who's always known what she wants and hasn't ever been shy about expressing it. She loves everything pink, purple, or sparkly, as well as baby dolls and anything cuddly. She loves hugs and kisses, but only when she's in the mood for it (which, if you're male, is rare). She idolizes her older brother. He mostly tolerates her adoration.

July 2016

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